3 Accurate and Secure eForms System Management

All forms are centrally stored on a server and managed via web interface.
Have complete control over access to every form and device connecting to the server.

Forms completed in the field or production floor are stored in the ConMas database.
Easily view forms and generate reports from the web based management portal.

Completed forms are stored and managed in a central database, where they can be viewed, edited, and exported.

Management of forms

  • Management of form templates
    (forms not filled out)

    Manage access permissions, attach reference documents (PDF manuals, diagrams, movies, etc.), attach labels (tags), and more.

  • Management of submitted forms

    Forms that are submitted to the server as complete can be reviewed for approval or rejected to correct any errors.

  • Export filled out forms

    Formed filled out on i-Reporter and uploaded to the server can be exported as Excel or PDF documents.

  • Batch exporting

    Export completed forms in batches as Excel, PDF, or CSV files.

  • Master Management

    Update and delete data used in Master Lists (Part numbers, customer accounts, other static information)

  • Email notifications

    Receive notifications when a form is submitted to the server via i-Reporter.

Ways to manage forms via the web interface

Manage all your forms from one central location. These can be forms from Excel, PDFs, or images.
They are now all electronic and can be used by your users.
Form templates Browse and edit forms Export data Create template form automatically
Label management Reference document management Scheduling management System administration

Categorize forms with tags

Classify and categorize forms easily in hierarchies with parent-child relationships

Labels can be used as ways to limit access to forms across the entire

Mark form templates, completed forms, and other documents with labels

Assign a name to labels for easy identification

Organize parent and child labels in multiple ways

Assign a label to a form template and to its forms with filled in data with no limit

Search and Filtering

Both the management interface and i-Reporter application allow searching and filtering to find the form you're looking for even if there are hundreds of form templates or filled out forms.

Various searching, filtering, and sorting options are available

Search and filtering value input window in the application allows searching by barcode and QR code reading

Even forms under and below but included in selected label is allowed to search

Export form data in batches as Excel, PDF, or CSV files

Select a form template and perform batch exports of completed reports and export batches as PDF, Excel, or CSV files.
Tabulate, create charts, and analyze the data easily with Excel to get a better understanding of your business.

1. Select one form or multiple form templates to export

2. Pick all or select completed forms and which data fields to export

3. The data will be exported as text with CSV and Excel files. PDF files will look exactly as they looked when they were filled out in addition to embedding images right into the PDF.

Schedule Manager

Managers can create assign forms to be completed by field or factory floor users

From the management calendar interface, a manager can schedule forms to be completed based on who, when,
and what work is to be completed.

Track historical data of data entered into each data field

Whenever data is inputted or updated in a field on a form, that data is recorded for historical and auditing purposes

* The historical data is saved on the server and not locally on the iOS, iPadOS, or Windows PC
* There is no limit to the number of historical data saved per data field
* Form templates can be configured to record historical data or not

Changing values

When changing a value in a cluster that has been submitted to the server,
it can be adjusted and require users to enter a comment.

Changes to clusters cannot be changed without adding a reason for the change.

This setting can be enabled in the Designer application when making the form or via the web management interface for completed forms submitted.

Export each change to a form as a PDF

A file listing all the historical changes can be automatically created and added to the PDF of the filled-out form when exporting.

Management and Security of Users and Devices

Built-in approval system, role management, and authorization features are flexible to work with your businesses operating procedures
A full set of security options such as user and password management, device approval, and more ensures only those approved to see forms and data see it.

Account Management and Security Measures

  • User Management

    User accounts can be set to expire at a set time and date, assign to groups, along with creating and editing them.

  • Group Management

    Access levels can be set on a group level. Create a group and its permissions, then assign users to that group. Additional group permissions such as access to the web management interface, access to form templates, which forms or clusters can be filled out, and more can be set.

  • Device Management

    In order for a device to connect via the Designer application or i-Reporter App with a user account, the device (iPad, iPhone, PC) must first be authorized. Device applications are sent automatically to the server on the first connection attempt and approved by an administrator via the web management interface.

User Authentication

User authentication via username and password is required to access the server, via web management,
Designer application, or i-Reporter App.

User authentication for ConMas Manager (web management interface) [web browser]

User authentication with the Designer application (Windows PC)

The application also supports the use of
barcodes and QR Codes as usernames

Password Setttings

If the user created password does not meet the requirements for password strength, registration will not complete.
The following can be defined to your organizations needs
  • Include Upper and Lowercase Letters

    The password must contain a mix of upper and lower case letters

  • Include a Number

    The password must contain a number

  • Use of Special Characters

    Enforce the use of characters such as # ! <> % &

  • Password Length

    The password must have a minimum length

  • Reusing Old Passwords

    Passwords cannot be the same as previous ones

  • Password Expiration

    After a set period of time, the password must be changed

Device Authentication Process

Only devices that have been authorized to connect to the ConMas Server will be allowed to access information on the server
  • Specify the server address, username, and password on the setting screen for i-Reporter or ConMas Designer
  • Log into the server from the device that is not authorized
  • The user will be prompted to request approval for that device, a comment can be added that the administrator will see
  • A UUID for the device and the user applying for approval is sent to the server, the UUID is kept within the i-Reporter App and PC using the Designer application
  • The device can then be approved or denied via the web interface for the ConMas Server

User Acess Management

User permissions can be set at the form level or the data field

This can be managed at the user, group, or role level

Different permission and access levels can be applied to each form template and filled out form

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