2Create eForms and eReport Template

Use your existing paper forms or Excel forms as electronic forms on the go.
Make an unlimited number of changes quickly and easily to your forms as your needs grow.

Use PDFs, images, photographs, or Excel documents to create your electronic forms.

Web based import of Excel documents allow those familiar with Excel to make forms quickly for easy deployment to the field.
PDF documents and images are supported to create forms. Prototype a form on a napkin, take a photo, and turn it into a form, the possibilities are limitless.

Intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) allows anyone to make a form with ZERO PROGRAMMING.


Use a variety of data input types, relationships between fields, user access control, calculations, threshholds, and more using an easy to use GUI.

Creating form templates

  • Make changes in batches (Need a better feature)

    Items can be changed one at a time.
    Name items sequentially if needed.

  • Import cell formatting into form templates

    Formulas and cell formatting (such as font size and justification) set in Excel can be seen in the i-Reporter App.

  • Control how data is accessed or seen

    Control which accounts see data in a field, can input data, and other features to make your forms powerful data collection tools.

Supported Excel Functions

There are 38 different Excel functions supported to use in i-Reporter digital forms.

Cells in Excel set to the "formula" type will be converted into i-Reporter compatible functions automatically.

Functions can also be combined with basic math operators (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division)

Define cells with functions in Excel as formula fields

Companies in various industries and sizes have deployed
i-Reporter in their businesses.
Ranked the number 1 paperless form solution in Japan by marketshare!


Use your existing paper forms or Excel forms as electronic forms on the go.
The best digital form solution for your business.