Third-Party Software with i-Reporter Support

Linkable software・tools・apps

Introducing the softwares and services that can be linked with ConMas i-Reporter

Linkable software・tools・apps

Linking AI

LiLz Gauge automates daily visual inspections in locations with no electricity or Wi-Fi access by using cameras that feature built-in LTE connectivity and 3-year battery life. LiLz Gauge’s cloud system uses AI algorithms to estimate measurements of target gauges captured in images, dramatically reducing the time required for visual inspections.

Impulse is a machine learning solution used for predictive
maintenance, quality improvement, work efficiency.

The only you need to do is just taking a photograph of meter, AI convert the number to data instantly. Meter inspection work can prevent mistakes or tampering and more efficient than doing by hands or visual. Linking with API and collaborate with i-Reporter, customer can create the paperless degital report on the field.

The data and images of electricity, gas, and water meter can be recorded easily in a short time, with taking a picture of their meters by cameras in iphone and tablet.

Search engine

Neuron ES is an enterprise search system that searches across a
variety of documents and websites in the enterprise, both on-premise
and in the cloud.


This is the integration management solution of electric form which can enhanced traceability, reflected equipment operation data in the report.

The both "Dr.sum" BI・Data utilization solution and "Motion board"dashboard solution are compatible with "PostgresSQL" which is standard data base of i-Reporter, therefore user can refer to "Linked View" in i-Reporter directly.

"Record"→”Analyze”→”Practical” Make the flow simply.

RAKU-Pad Analysis Dashboard realize linking data seamlessly with i-Reporter. Just by selecting name of the form and cluster in i-Reporter, user can create many types of graphs easily.

Document Management

D-Quick7 is centrally manages many of drawings, documents data in a safe environment. By sharing them internally, it is a platform which can be used effectively.

This is a software to realize management of documents and knowledge in-house. The forms created by i-Reporter can be saved in Docushare.

Maintenance business management

Efficient inspection by using electrical document. Support facility management based on data.

This is a cloud service for ICT Support to prevent problem and enhance efficiency of operation for building management and maintenance service.

Workflow Management

nXProjectHub | Cimtops

This is a solution for visualize instruction and progress of work on real time basis, linking with i-Reporter. With the linkage function with external system, email, chat and message, the manager and worker on the field can communicate more interactive

MDM(Mobile Device management)

This MDM cloud service can enhance efficiency for managing devices in remote, setting, kitting and monitoring operation.

Product management/Process control/Production Scheduler

i-Reporter is designated software as MCFrame production management system provided by Toyo Business Engineering Corporation.

Gas construction management

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Security inspection survey for gas

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Linking Tool

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Knowledge base

"Knowledge Powered WorkPlace" is the system which enhances searchability and improves efficiency of manuals and instruction, Linking with i-Reporter , the forms of reports and verification records inputted on the field can be bring up as knowledgeable tool.

Business Chat

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This Integrated Welding Network is the system to provide and support "Productivity enhancement", "Quality Improvement" through collecting accumulating ,and analyzing the operation status and quality information of welding equipment.

Linkable apps

iXVL Player is a free viewer app for viewing light 3D data XVL format files on iPad or iPhone.

Just down load the app, it helps to write sentences easily by voice input.


Instead of Standard OS key board, this app can help user transfer your handwritten text into regular type face.

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