4API integration for i-Reporter

Easily link with external systems and databases
Connect to ERP, Production Control, CRM, dashboards, analytics, or any other system that can connect with an API

Improve business operations by having access to real-time data in your external systems.

Not only can data entered into forms be sent to external systems, but also populate your forms used on-site or production floor with data from external systems.
Automate tabulating data, reporting, and analytics as completed forms are being submitted to the server from i-Reporter. Save valuable time not having to compile reports.

Integrating i-Reporter with External Systems

Filling forms with data

Easily generate a large number of prepopulated forms using data from external systems

Import the data from the external system into ConMas Server using the API

This can be set up as a scheduled job

Automatic Exporting of Forms

When a form is submitted to the server as done, they can be exported to a specified directory
Output files can be chosen per form.

Document created by CSV data

Document created by XML data

PNG data

PDF document

Excel document

Comment in FreeDraw, picture

Automatically import data into external systems with data exported into the specified directory by developing a monitoring program.
When using the Cloud version of i-Reporter, exported files are accessible via WebDAV

API Integration

Using the ConMas Web API, external systems can get real-time information as form are completed and
uploaded to the server.

Read-only Database Access

* Only available for systems deployed on-premise

Read-only access is available for connecting your external systems to the ConMas Database

Access all the data associated with form templates, forms that have been filled out, and viewing reference list data connecting directly to the PostgreSQL database
* Requires software and systems that can connect to a PostgreSQL database
* Making changes directly to the database, such as adding, editing, or deleting data is not permitted

ConMas Gateway

i-Reporter forms can be filled with data from external databases and systems in real-time

ConMas IoT

Connect i-Reporter to PLC and IoT devices for real-time data access

Companies in various industries and sizes have deployed
i-Reporter in their businesses.
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