1Data Input with Easily Accessible eForms

Users on-site, in the field, or production floor can easily input data into digital forms while reducing errors.
The i-Reporter App on iPad, iPhone, and Windows PC is designed to be easy to use and usable in any industry.

Turn an iPad, iPhone or Windows PC
into a powerful digital form.

This is a tool which can directly input the form instead of filling out by hand writing.
Native applications are blazing fast and can work without Wi-Fi, cellular, or hardwired network connections.

The familiar excel formats can be transferred directly into digital forms
Anyone can input intuitively without operating instructions!

Forms, Directory transfar

Can be transferred the forms you have used up to now without any modification, so user won't be confused what to input next.
Greatly reduced the time for education and training to field workers "How to operate i-Reporter"

Quickly have your technicians, inspectors, service personnel, or plant managers input data into forms quickly and accurately using a variety of data types.


Limit data fields to only accepting text, numbers, timestamps, data from a bar/QR code, and more!
This not only reduces errors when collecting data but also speeds up the process improving efficency.

Digital Input Options

  • Keyboard

    Support for data entry via virtual or physical keyboards.

  • Number Pad

    On screen number pad makes capturing numbers quick and accurate.
    Thresh holds, limits, and ranges can be configured along with error messages if values outside of the defined is entered.

  • Multiple choice

    Input information via preset choices to match equipment readings or other consistant outputs.

  • Check-marks

    Various check-mark and button options.

  • Date

    Capture dates via multiple methods and formats, automatic date stamps based on system time is also supported.

  • Time

    Insert timestamps in various formats and on screen prompts, time stamps can be automaticlly entered based on the system time.

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  • Audio recordings

    Attach audio files to forms.

  • Images & Pictures

    Insert photos (via built in camera) or image files right into the form.

  • FreeDraw mode

    Add shapes, text or hand drawn images, in designated fields.
    Also add hand written notes or highlight parts of a photo to capture important information.

  • Signature (Change icon)

    Use a stylus or finger to have users sign forms to authorize data or customers sign off work orders.

  • Calculations

    Add basic arithmitic operations to ensure calculations are correct or embed formulas using a number of Excel Functions.

  • User information

    Capture data about the logged in user onto the form.

  • Biometric Authentication Support

    Restrict access to forms, login permissions, inputting data into fields.

    * This feature is only available for iOS

  • Customizable Buttons

    Create buttons for a number of tasks such as continuing to the next page, generate a URL, and more.

  • Verify Required Fields

    Forms can automatically alert users if any required fields are empty when uploading completed forms or do a check at any time as they fill the form out.

  • Auto Incrementing

    Forms can be automatically numbered as they are uploaded into the server on the form.

  • Input Order

    Fields can be locked so they can only be filled out once a previous field is filled out.

  • Page Addition

    If there are times multiple of the same page needs to be filled out, create a duplicate of that page to input additional information.

  • Data Field Cloning

    Data entered into a field on a form can be cloned and displayed in other fields.

  • Automatic Report Generation

    Schedule weekly or monthly reports using filled out forms from the previous days or weeks.

  • Generating QR Codes

    Multiple values from a form can be created into a QR Code.

  • Barcode Reading Support

    Enter data into forms via barcodes or QR Codes.

    * Supports Bluetooth connected handheld barcode readers
    * Reading barcodes and QR Codes is only support on iOS/iPadOS device cameras

  • Master List/Reference List/Need another name

    If a value is selected or entered in a field, it can be referenced against a premade list to automatically fill in additional fields.

Master List/Reference List/Need another name

Create a list of static data (model numbers, SKUs, plant number, etc) to reference against while inputting data.

When inputting data into a form, values can be cross-checked against the Reference List to fill additional fields.

  • STEP1

    Select the cluster to be the parent

  • STEP2

    Select data records to be used from a master list

  • STEP3

    Then select the recorded information to be entered into parent and child clusters

New forms can be populated with information from a previous form

Users creating a new form to fill out can see information from a previous session.

This feature creates a new form with information that is carried over from a previous form in a sequence.
For example, if a daily security inspection takes place, information from the day priors form can be seen for the current day.

Preveious Completed Form | Current New FormPreveious Completed Form | Current New Form

Attach Reference Materials

When working or recording data in the field, having access to documents, diagrams, manuals is important. Documents and other media can be refereneced while inputting data.
Supported Files, Have users reference any of these file types while working in i-Reporter | Associate with forms, Need to check | View while inputting data, Need to adjust graphicSupported Files, Have users reference any of these file types while working in i-Reporter | Associate with forms, Need to check | View while inputting data, Need to adjust graphic

Built-in Support For Creation, Review, and Approval Workflows.

Form creation, review, and approval processes can be fully digitied.
On site technitian | Shift manager | Site supervisor | Handwritten signature | Digital Rubber StampOn site technitian | Shift manager | Site supervisor | Handwritten signature | Digital Rubber Stamp

The following information is saved along with the digital stamp or signature

  • User ID of the form creator, reviewer, and approver.
  • Time and data stamps of the form creator, reviewer, and approver.
  • Name of the form creator, reviewer, and approver.
  • Any additional comments made by the form creator, reviewer, and approver.

Easily Access the Right Form

Find the form your users need quickly. Multiple ways to access forms ensures users fill out the right form at the right time, location, or conditions.
Streamline the entire process from the moment i-Reporter is launched to fit any business workflow.

Multiple Options to Access Forms to Start Reporting

  • Form Library

    A traditional view of available forms for the user to use.
    Forms and form templates can be restricted so the logged in user only sees the forms they need and can save locally to their device.

  • Schedule Based

    Launch forms via the built-in calendar so users know the correct form to use at a set date and time.

  • Custom User Interface (UI)

    Customize your own menu screen for quick access to forms.
    Use barcodes and QR codes as triggers to launch forms.

  • Custom Weblink (URL) Support

    Launch i-Reporter via web links (URLS) from other applications.
    Specify options and other parameters using this method.

Custom UI

Create a custom menu to make i-Reporter easier to use, reduce errors, and capture data quicker.

Multiple settings allow organizations to customize the menu based on company, department, division, or any other way.

Barcodes, QR codes, iBeacons, and NFC tags can be read to trigger creating a form and inputting any data into the form.

Set your own logo | Custom title | Button names and images can be customizedSet your own logo | Custom title | Button names and images can be customized

Example of Launching a Form Via QR Code

production line produces 30 different models of circuit boardproduction line produces 30 different models of circuit board

Custom Weblink (URL) Support

Launch i-Reporter forms from a weblink in other applications or anywhere a URL can be embedded.

Formatted weblinks can be used in other web applications, sent via email, SMS, etc.

Launch i-Reporter and open specific forms with parameters in the URL

Launch i-ReporterLaunch i-Reporter

Launch i-Reporter and open specific forms with parameters in the URL

Create | Edit | Parameters can be used to create and edit a specific form as the i-Reporter application is launched

Example of Workflow Using Custom Weblinks

Example of Workflow Using Custom Weblinks

Batch Form Download and Uploading

When used in environments with network connections such as an office, form templates and other data can be downloaded to the device in batches.
After filling forms while offline or in places without any network access such as basements or remote locations, all the forms with data inputted into them can be uploaded in batches. Any data stored on the iOS/iPadOS device is deleted after the information is uploaded to the server automatically.
Batch Form Submission | Screenshot of batch downloading form templates | Screenshot of batch uploading completed forms

Companies in various industries and sizes have deployed
i-Reporter in their businesses.
Ranked the number 1 paperless form solution in Japan by marketshare!


Use your existing paper forms or Excel forms as electronic forms on the go.
The best digital form solution for your business.