Supported Hardware with i-Reporter

Tested Peripherals

Tested Peripherals for ConMas i-Reporter

※Bluetooth devices need to be authorized by the Radio Law in each country. Please confirm those devices can be used in your country.

Tested Peripherals

Wireless Microphones for voice input

BONX Grip is a device that can withstand any environment with water resistance in place. Easy to communicate even in harsh conditions with digital noise filtering achieved by dual microphone and clear  sound quality met by windshield options. Comfortable for long hours use as there are 3 sizes of silicon ear-loop and 2 sizes of earphones to choose from. Stays on ears even under intense movement.

HG42-TBTS definitive edition for wireless headset which is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1.

It does not bother you as earphones and enables you to work hands free.

By adopting bidirectional microphone with noise cancelling,

it is possible to have conversation under high noise as 100db with earplugs.

AmiVoice Front PM01 is the super directive wired microphone specialized in voice input.

It provides sound isolation performance for 100db in maximum, possible to use in loud environment.

It can be connected with IOS devices and the plug of 4-pole 3.5㎜.

This is a wearable microphone device specialized to voice recognition and communication.

It can be used even in the very noisy environment 100db in maximum, and connected to various devices and bluetooth.

Wearable Device

InfoLinker3 is a smart glass with a built-in LTE communication function, made in Japan. It collaborates with i-Reporter can realize to create reports by hands free. Remote supporting by video call is available.


Electronic Shelf Label/Electronic Smart Label

Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)is a electronic display device which can be updated timely.

It can be practically used as signboards ,instructions and shelf name tags for Manufacturing and logistic industry

instead of using labels.


KDC180HUJ is wearable reader of UHF band with both ring and globe type of models.

Ofcource, the 2D barcorde reader is installed in them.

For ios, the user can connect to ios only by HID connector but for windows, the serial communication system is also available to connect.

are able to connect.

This is a HF range RFID's compact reader/writer called" Dragon"

It can be connected with bluetooth HID without install conventional driver.

This compact sized reader/writer(W60×H103×D11.5mm)can read with one hand

within the distance 5cm.Easy to carry with strap hole.

MR11A7J is small handy RFID reader,very light and easy to carry.

User can connect it with mobile devices( Android/IOS/Windows)through bluetooth.

Possible to communicate in real time and interact with accumulated data at once.

It can be read even around 1M, also vibrater works.

This is a pocket sized reader which is compatible with NFC( Near Field Communication.)

User can communicate in realtime and interact with accumulated data in batch with the reader via bluetooth

The reader is corresponding to IP55 standard, in the class of dustproof and waterproof

therefore, it can be safely used in outside.

Equipped with 1000mAH battery, it can reads 10000 times with full battery,

Even if the user needs to use for long time, they can collect the certiain information with 2MB memory.

Bluetooth 1D/2D Code reader

This is wearable mini 2D barcode reader.

The scan engine HoneywellN6603 provides high level of reading performance.

User can prevent the opportunity loss from running out of battery they can always check the battery level with LED indicator.

With one charge, the user can scan 17 thousand times at a maximum, get away from the irritation of wireless connection.

Not bothering anymore for wireless setting for pairing

Just put in Bluetooth USB dongle to PC, user can have wireless connection easily.

Easy to catch the code by aimer with laser pointer,

The code reader can read both 1D or 2D barcodes even up to 16 meters away from the code .

On the other hand, for short distance(From 15cm to 30cm), it is possible to read with highest resolution.

This is wearable ring scanner.

By putting on the scanner in one hand,

it is possible to carry in or out the goods, check the mobile devices with both hands free.

Also can be moved on smoothly to scan work.Just by putting on Trigger button with thumb,

it will read original symbol of 1D or 2D barcode instantly.

This reader can read DPM code by installing Xenon1900HD(high resolution model )

With the collaboration of plug-in called 「Solomon Decoder」,originally developed by Cimtops,

it will able to achieve high performance.

Xenon1952 Series is successor to Xenon1900 series.

The pocket sized barcode reader with bluetooth

suitable to use as input PDA or mobile phone's barcode.

By purchasing licence , user can use not only 1D model but also 2D.

Also it can read many varieties of OCR reading with the option "solomonOCR".

The pocket sized barcode reader with bluetooth.

suitable to use as input PDA or mobile phone's barcode.

Also it can read many varieties of OCR reading with the option "solomonOCR".

This durable ring scanner can read barcodes by hands free.

With one push tirigger button by thumb, reads barcodes quickly.

By 2D imager, No need to worry about the direction of symbol.

Very light, compact and offers greater durability.

Highly protected from the damage dropping from the heigt of 1.8M, dust & water proof (certified IP65)

This hands free barcode reader allows you to wear it of the finger.

With one push trigger button by thumb, reads barcode quickly.

The smallest and lightest model, only weights 20 grams.

Ultra-Versatile barcode scanner with a First-Of-Its-Kind Convertible Design.

Its groundbreaking design easily converts between corded and cordless operation, handheld and hands-free at presentation.

Easy to maintain hygine with monocoque design, wireless charging and crevice free surface.

GSM 500BT is 2D imager with bluetooth, very slimed and compact.

By Putting it on the back of the smart phone or tablet, possible to read

barcodes by your own devices.The hands free glove scanner can be used as an option.

The OPN-4000 is a data collector which is compact lightweight companion scanner with bluetooth connection.

Only needs to press trigger button to storage or transfer the data through bluetooth.

The OPN-4000 is 2D data collector, compact and lightweight.

All you have to do is press the trigger button to read barcodes easily and storage datas.

Support as standard with NFC tags, Contactless Charging, vibration, silent mode/Durable housing IP54 sturdy housing and passport

OCR function

MT100A is a very compact pocket scanner equipped with linear imager,

Ideal for reflecting barcodes in tablets or mobile phones.

AT20 is a 2D scanner, excellent in operability.

Easy to carry and opperate, great to use in the businesses such as retail stores, medical fields or electronic industries.

SF1 is a wireless code reader which can be connected with mobile phone and tablet.

Highly durable model, even in the field of hard situation, protecting from falling, shocked, waters and dusts.

Possible to use in varieties of businesses, manufacturing plants,logistic warehouse,retail stores etc.

SF1 is a wireless code reader which can be connected with mobile phone and tablet.

Highly durable model, even in the field of hard situation, protecting from falling, shocked, waters and dusts.

Possible to use in varieties of businesses, manufacturing plants,logistic warehouse,retail stores etc.

Digital measuring equipment/Torque wrench

A456 allows you to meaure magnetic and non-magnetic coatings, quickly determine measurement result with high accuracy.

※In the case of transferring data to i-Reporter with bluetooth connection, user needs to work on with the instrumentation application

by Meiden System Solutions Corporation

CEM3-B/CEM3-G-B is the digital torque wrench, collected data can be transferred with bluetooth,

The records with using degital rachet torque wrench can be transferred with bluetooth connection or USB connector,

it automatically record& manage the working history

By linking Wrench【メモルク】and i-Reporter, possible to record automatically the fastening work reports or result of quality inspections as existing forms.

DKA-102 is compact, lightweight bluetooth adapter therefore,not to take much space when put it on the devices.

The data transfer between the devices for inputting and mesuring equipments is connected through bluetooth

easily with press a button.

Mobile Printer

i-Reporter works seamlessly to label printer produced by Sato.

This is a portable printer allows user to connect Apple i-Pad, iPhone(Mfi certified).

・Micro-sized and
・Connect rapidly,
・very light
・Well stylish shaped.

These compact sized printers makes everyone to use anytime and anywhere.

It has been built-in an internal battery as standard, but customer can also put on external battery as an option.

It is a mobile printer for A4 sized and can be used not only to connect with USB, but also compatible with Wi-Fi(R)5GHz.

Both printers are equipped with Color Liquid Crystal Panel 1.44 model, therefore easily to check the notification of remaining ink.

The downtime is going to be reduced because the maintenance box can be replaced to new one without tools.

Connecting with wireless lan,user can print out the A4 sized documents directly.

For example, the user can print out the reports and hand it in to the customer immediately on spot

with the signature obtained from the customer at then.

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