i-Reporter use case and case study:


One of the Japanese major companies, TODA CORPORATION, utilizes ConMas i-Reporter. Here is the interview with Manager, Mr. Toshiyuki Kito and Mr. Masato Ota from the Engineering Works Department, discussing product selection and introduction i-Reporter’s effects.


– Q: Can you talk about TODA CORPORATION?

A: TODA CORPORATION is a general construction company. Ever since its foundation in 1881, TODA CORPORATION has been operating construction and civil engineering projects including area development, urban development, real estate development, and environmental businesses. We have been doing our best for quality, time for completion, safety as well as contributing to the well-being of society. Based on extensive technical expertise, accumulated over our 130-year history, we are capable of providing solutions that exceed customer expectations, and every effort is being taken to achieve the concept of “Toda for value” – which means being the most valuable company for customers.

Utilizing creating a record of construction work

– Q: Can you tell us how are you using i-Reporter?

A: We use i-Reporter for making a record of our construction work and reports. For example, the construction department simultaneously runs 300-400 projects. We currently started using 100 iPads at 30-40 sites.

– Q: Can you tell us about the details the way you are using it?

A: Bringing the iPad to construction sites and input the necessary items. The procedure for creating a record of construction work is like this:

  • input numerical data or text
  • paste up pictures taken by the iPad camera or drawing data
  • check the completed processes of work and update the progress (change display colors)
  • adding directions on pictures or draw image by freehand
Insert pictures
Write by free hand
Input numeric or text
Select a downloaded document
Change the color which are completed jobs

– Q: Please tell us about the background of initially using i-Reporter?

Mr. Kito

There were two main factors. One was to reduce the burden of employees on sites. The other was to utilize the iPad.

(1)Reducing the burden of employees on sites

We could say entire construction industry are short of staff who could supervise construction sites due to the earthquake disaster reconstruction, scaled-up public works resulting from Abenomics economic effect.

Therefore, we were eager to look for solutions for and effective way to keep administrative works. Reducing the burden of employee was a challenge for long time.

 (2)Utilizing the iPad

TODA CORPORATION started using the iPad since 2012 at some sites. Initially, various types of drawings were kept on the iPad and with some use at construction sites or at meetings. We figured drawing in mobile situations was possible. Under that situation, the agent, Otsuka Shokai, introduced i-Reporter to us.

– Q: What is the reason why you decided to use i-Reporter?

A: We had sought a more effective way of administrative work, but when we saw the i-Reporter, we intuitively knew that it would work for us due to the iPad’s excellent user-friendliness. It was a quick decision.

The first point is that it is a user friendly tool that can finish reports at the construction sites. Before this tool, the employee wrote a memo by hand and took pictures. Then they went back to the office and, once again, input data in an Excel sheet and then completed the reports. Using i-Reporter, iPad can be carried in one hand and the data can be typed in directly and the report can be completed on-site.

– Q: What is the next point?

A: i-Reporter’s data for creating a report is not different from the image of Excel data that we currently use existing format with we are already familiar.

i-Reporter makes it possible to type the data the same way as with the administrative record file. Also, the employee just selects the items from the menu, which eliminates mistakes.

– Q: How about the third point?

A: It’s exactly compatibility with Excel. i-Reader can import and export data into out already existing Excel file, which a function we didn’t see with other products. There are some other products, which are able to output data by pdf, however, pdf isn’t as helpful a format for us.

One of the key things is that we could modify formats easily. Excel report file could be used in common at all sites, but in many cases original formats could be used by each site. Processes can be changed just by adding items or adjusting the size of the columns.

– Q: Did you compare with other products?

A: We didn’t directly compare with i-Reporter and others. We had been looking for various products until then, but we didn’t come across anything in particular. If we didn’t know about i-Reporter, we probably kept doing things the old fashion way.

Time and effort for creating the construction work reports is massively reduced.

– Q: Can you tell us about the effect of introducing i-Reporter?

Mr. Ota

Reducing the labor for creating report and it makes possible to lower overtime work.

A: The flow of creating administrative report is significantly changed. Reducing time and effort for creating reports leads to much less overtime hours. We assume leads to 25% less overtime per day.

– Q: What do you mean by “The flow of creating administrative report is significantly changed”?

A: Before using i-Reporter, employees needed to come back to the office from the sites and had to create a report with PC, but i-Reporter, the employee can create a report in real time on site. It brings eliminating re-work and omission of taking photos, etc.

Spending time creating formats in advance was new to us, but it is expected to improve the entire operation quality.

–Q: Can you tell us about the details of efficiency operation?

A: i-Reporter can automatically resize and insert picture into each field of report, which are taken by the iPad camera. Thus we don’t need to bring a camera anymore.

Likewise, images of drawing data could be kept in the Photo application on the iPad. Then, we could get the data from i-Reporter and paste into the report.

Also, we can write a memo or instructions by hand into a report on site.

– Q: What is the reaction at sites?

A: With i-Reporter, as the format has not been changed, employees could immediately use i-Reporter with the previous methods. Some sites have already starting customizing their original format by themselves.

Expansion plans for the future

– Q: Can you tell us the plan of expansion of i-Reporter?

Original work pants having pockets for iPad.
In the future, we plan to increase the number of i-Reporters to be used over all the sites. There are different levels of experience in using it between the sites. We will share the best examples of utilization between all the sites.

We can share the know-how from the sites from the bottom up, not by top down control.

The range of i-Reporter applications is so wide. We hope that it can be expanded for our in-house departments.

The mobility of the iPad is also the key. We designed original work pants, which have side pockets to accommodate carrying the iPad.

– Q: Please tell me about the assessment and expectation for CIMTOPS.

We always get prompt replies from our questions and requests. Teaming up with Otsuka Shokai (Sales distributor) was smooth and flexible, which helped us a lot. We expect even more improving functionality and fine-grained support.

Thank you for interview.

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