Using i-Reporter enables accurate data retrieval and analysis, leading to the optimization of production processes.

NTPT Company Limited

In Thailand, NTPT Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as NTPT), operates as a component processing manufacturer, focusing mainly on the turning of hub bearings, forging and turning of constant velocity joint outer races, and turning of shafts, serving as a production hub within the Southeast Asian region.

The following is a case study of NTPT following the implementation of i-Reporter and the subsequent issues resolved, along with user feedback.

NTPT Company Limited

789/171 Moo1 Tambon Nongkham Amphur
Sriracha Chonburi 20230, Thailand

Business Activities:
Forging and turning of constant velocity joint outer races, turning of hub bearings.

NTPT Company Limited operates as a manufacturing hub in Southeast Asia, including India, and is based in Sriracha Chonburi, Thailand. The company primarily focuses on the forging and turning of constant velocity joint outer races and the turning of hub bearings, contributing to a comprehensive local production system.

Digitising on-site records to streamline various tasks, and enhance efficiency

<Challenges Before i-Reporter Implementation>

  • Human errors in recording manufacturing numbers and issues due to mistakes in paper forms.
  • Work overload caused by the re-entry of data from paper forms to Excel.

<Reasons for Adopting i-Reporter>

  • The existing Excel forms seamlessly transition to electronic forms on iPads, making them easily accepted by the field.
  • System implementation reduces the time required for tasks such as data transcription, processing, and verification.

<Post i-Reporter Implementation Benefits>

  • Improvement in recording efficiency, reduction in time loss, and human errors associated with paper recording tasks.
  • Access to the input system through barcode scanning and the ability to immediately input data by capturing defects in the work process directly on tablets.
  • Shortened time for accessing data for work confirmation, leading to operational efficiency.
  • Reduces confusion in the field and allows for easy adoption due to the simplicity of implementation.

The greatest benefit is the ease of implementation and reduction of confusion in the field

“I decided to introduce i-Reporter because I had used it at a previous factory and understood its user-friendliness. Since the Excel forms we have been using seamlessly transitioned to electronic forms on iPads, the implementation was smooth, and the field staff could use it without any resistance. The system’s introduction has led to a reduction in the time spent on tasks such as data transcription, processing, and verification, contributing to a reduction in employee working hours.” (Mr. Usui, NTPT)

▲ Entry of forms on tablets is possible just like with the traditional Excel forms

“The time loss and human errors associated with recording tasks on paper have been improved, making record-keeping more convenient and straightforward. Features such as access to the input system through barcode scanning and the ability to capture and input data directly on tablets for identifying defects in the work process are highly convenient. Additionally, quick access to data for work verification has been made possible, contributing to overall efficiency.” (Mr. Chanapai, NTPT)

▲ By scanning the barcode and opening the form, it is possible to input the required information directly into the necessary form on the spot.

Versatile application of electronic forms in factories and manufacturing sites.

“By digitizing work reports and quality records, it becomes easier to analyze stop losses, contributing to improvements in productivity. We plan to further advance IT integration within our company in the future.” (Mr. Usui, NTPT)

At NTPT, utilizing i-Reporter in our operations has allowed us to obtain accurate data.
Analyzing with precise data has led to the realization of efficiency in our production processes.

▲  From left to right: CIMTOPS Koji Yokoyama・Yuka Tohdoh, NTPT Chanapai Chaiyadet・Masahiro Usui, Thomas Tech Ryo Nozaki・Soraya Norasing・Arunwit Isarapongporn

TOMAS TECH CO., LTD. Introduction

For the introduction of i-Reporter at NTPT, we received support from Thomas Tech, who specializes in proposing “cost reduction” and “business efficiency improvement” through IT system implementation for manufacturing and BtoB industries in Thailand.

Ryo Nozaki

TOMAS TECH CO., LTD. is a system development company based in Thailand, providing digital solutions to clients in various industries such as manufacturing, logistics, food, and retail.

Our strength lies in our ability to cover a wide range of technical areas. We handle PLC control equipment programming, development of applications for Windows OS and Android OS, and even extend to the development of cloud server applications. This versatility allows us to offer a broad range of solutions to our clients.

We provide comprehensive support of i-Reporter to our clients, from proposal and report creation to infrastructure development and after-sales support.

We can also develop new systems based on clients’ needs, including information integration with existing systems, dashboard creation, and report generation. We offer flexible solutions tailored to our clients’ business requirements.

Key Points of Implementation

Points to Consider for the Implementation of i-Reporter.

For the current implementation of i-Reporter, there are two key points to note.

The first point is to enable the client’s Thai staff to take the lead in advancing the project. We aimed to address detailed issues on the ground and incorporate them into the system. During the operational stage, efforts were made to empower the client’s Thai staff to handle operations such as creating reports using i-Reporter independently. The project progressed with the client’s Thai staff taking the lead, supported by our Thai staff.

The second point is to establish a mechanism where output reports can be effectively utilized in the field. We were able to achieve the functionality to output summary reports from daily production records entered with i-Reporter. By quickly sharing problems and challenges as they arise, the setup allows customers to easily resolve issues.

Considering these two points, the client has actively engaged in creating new reports independently after the implementation.

We are committed to continue supporting each client in achieving “Operational Efficiency with i-Reporter.”

▲ From left: CIMTOPS Koji Yokoyama・Yuka Tohdoh, Thomas Tech Ryo Nozaki・Soraya Norasing・Arunwit Isarapongporn

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