Data Protection and Traceability with eForms

Reason for changes and application are required when changing the inputted values

Current status

  • ・The person in charge can change inputted values without any notice.
  • ・Though the person in charge had already notified the reason for changing some part in the report, but no one remembers it at all.
  • ・Cannot confirm the situation at that time without any evidence.
  • ・To notify the changes in report, Go and see or make a phone call to the manager for explaining the reason each time.

After improvement

  • ・Must be notified the reason for making changes or revisions in report.Cannot change without the notice.The report is highly reliable,.
  • ・Anyone can confirm all the changing history and reason any time.
  • ・The application for changes will be proceeded with fixed procedures automatically, Reduce the time to see the manager, inform of the matter by telephone

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