Efficient Quality Control with eReport

Improvement in quality control

Current status

  • ・Some information in the quality report at the final inspection of production line has not been unified, such as part of the inputted into management system manually and part of the information re-entered into EXCEL.
  • ・When there is progress confirmation from another base or customer, need to look for a paper file or a record in the folder server to search for the past information , it takes a huge amount of man-hours.
  • ・Revision history of the contents in the report is not managed.

After improvement

  • ・All report data is centrally managed in a database. Necessary report data can be searched immediately, and can be output in various file formats such as PDF, Excel, CSV.
  • ・Information in the database can be automatically linked with the management system, etc., and thus man-hours for transcription can be reduced to zero.  (* Requires external collaboration development)
  • ・The revision history of a form can also be checked at a glance (when, where and who has rewritten what).

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