Grasping Man Hours Report with Work Form

Grasping work man-hours in individual order production

Current status

  • ・There is a place for assembling machine tools for each order, and work is done by a team of three people. Although the manager wants to recognize the man-hours and progress of the three workers, only grasps the start and end of work time on a daily basis. The exact individual man-hours are unknown.

After improvement

  • Three people can easily enter work results on an input document on one tablet. Progress can be checked in real time! ▽ How? ・Prepare a simple form to enter the order information (product number, product name, process name, worker name etc.), work start, completion and number of exits like toilet breaks. ・Three people enter the information in one input document using different pages. ・Order information is entered in advance. (Use automatic document creation function). ・Enter the worker name only once, then enter the start, completion of work and breaks. ・By grasping the work progress and man-hours of the three people, wasted time has been visualized and it made the labor costs of the three people reduced.

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