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Integrate with the data in MES (Manufacturing Execution System) to check the work progress

ADVANTEST CORPORATION (hereafter, Advantest) is a manufacturer of equipment for a semiconductor test system, which is used to test semiconductors to see if they operate properly. Advantest’s strength is its ability to provide the equipment necessary for the inspection of semiconductors on time to meet with the development of semiconductors, which has been rapidly growing

i-Reporter use case and case study: MintWave Co., Ltd.

MintWave is an information device manufacturer that provides products, systems and services over a range of fields, including thin client systems and thin client application equipment for local government, private enterprise, and educational institutions, monitoring control systems for electric power systems and facilities, and ERP usage and design support systems. One of the company’s production

i-Reporter use case and case study: Kureha (Changshu)Fluoropolymers Co.,Ltd.

Challenges faced before implementation Reducing the burden and errors associated with paper-based forms and manual data entry into Excel at the work site. Promoting digitalization of operation procedures and checklists that were previously recorded on paper, without causing any disruption to the site. Operation to efficiently utilize the information obtained at the site to achieve

i-Reporter use case and case study: IX Holdings

Company: IX Holdings Masuya Co., Ltd. has its headquarters and factory located in Ise City, Mie Prefecture, and is engaged in the manufacturing and sales of rice confectionery, with a focus on onigiri senbei. DX (Digital Transformation) The system development project team at Masuya is actively working on DX with the goal of improving factory

i-Reporter use case and case study: SEKISUI SEIKEI Co., Ltd.

SEKISUI SEIKEI Co., Ltd. Sekisui Seikei Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells plastic products. Three of the Sekisui Group companies merged in 1981 under the Sekisui Chemical Group name. Manufacturing items include: Extrusion products, blow molding, and stretched process products. Number of employees: 278, annual sales 13.7 billion Yen (FY2012) SEKISUI SEIKEI Co., Ltd makes daily

i-Reporter use case and case study: Fuji Xerox Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Fuji Xerox produces a diverse range of document solutions, from large format printers for the printing industry to multifunction printers for the office. Fuji Xerox Manufacturing is the sole company in Japan involved in assembling such devices and manufacturing consumable goods such as toner. The main function of Fuji Xerox Manufacturing’s Suzuka Center in Mie

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